Barts and Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock and Watson famously met in "A Study in Scarlet" which was written by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1886 and published in 1887.
This museum was built in 1879 so it did exist in its entirety at this point. (You can see how it would've looked on the Museum History page. Although Conan-Doyle didn't move to London permanently until 1891 (when he set up an opthalmic practice) he may have visited the city many times as part of his medical training. In fact, it is said that he wrote some of his short sherlock stories in the office currently inhabited by me!
There used to be a plaque on the wall of my office commemorating this:
It was presented to Barts by the New York based 'Baker Street Irregulars' in 1953 and is now in St Bartholomews Hospital Museum so the public can see it.

Obviously this association lives on, and in the new BBC 'Sherlock' series, Sherlock and Watson meet at Barts in "A Study in Pink" - I have walked right past Benedict Cumberbatch during filming in the courtyard of the hospital. Even the roof of Barts was used as a substitute for the Reichenbach Falls in the most recent episode where Sherlock famously takes the plunge...
It made such an impact that this phonebox, outside Henry VIII Gate is full of messages to Sherlock and prayers for his safety.
It's quite a priviledge to walk past such famous sites on my way to work each morning!
- Carla

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